My top brands for the best knife

The major question here is what makes for the best knife set? All brands will offer you the basic requirement, the variety that allows for versatility but, do they give you quality? Having a vast experience with knives by quality I mean, balance, heft, and ability to maintain sharpness. Do you think it is easy to choose the best knives? Before you say yes I would like to warn you that you will end up with a dozen set of useless knives. You will live to see some lost bucks that you would have put to better use had you taken my advice on the best knife and where to get them.


My top brands for the top knife sets are MAC and Chicago cutlery. These two manufacturers are driven by being the best manufacturers the world over. I have to say their sales managers are brilliant guys. Despite the world class quality of the knives, we get them at reasonable prices. They say you get what you pay for, with MAC and Chicago cutlery you get more than you bargain for.

The knife blades balance incredibly well and do much good on keeping the fatigue rate of chefs like my wife on the down low. She says they cut through anything like butter and I cannot agree more thanks to the thin blades design. The knives feature ergonomic handle design that will not hurt even after hours of use.

Sharpening and maintaining sharpness are things that determine the value a knife will give you. Anyone can do the sharpening, but be careful it gets sharp fast, and you will not have to worry about sharpening it anytime soon.

I am not making this a battle. I am just conveying the facts as they are to you. Once you get your knife sets from MAC and Chicago cutlery, you will enjoy excellent cutting for years. May it be for a restaurant or use at home, these two manufacturers have got your back and for a long time.