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While some types of medications can carry the chance of an extensive side effect, Gynexol is a product that is made with entirely natural ingredients.

The base side effects from using Gynexol is roughly the same as any other type of topical cream that is fairly common in use today.

In certain cases it can cause skin irritation, stinging of the skin or even a light skin redness. This usually is a direct skin reaction with some of the natural ingredients that are present inside the formula.

If you are the type of person that has sensitive skin it’s a good idea to consider applying Gynexol on a test area to begin.

In some cases Gynexol has caused allergic reactions but this is also due to the natural ingredients inside. If you have any type of allergy to aloe vera, herbs or plant ingredients there is a chance that you could experience a light reaction to the topical cream. If you experience a light reaction in the form of a skin rash, you should consider discontinuing the use of the product immediately.

Starting with a small test area on your breast tissue the first time that you use Gynexol is usually the best course of action. By spreading the cream along an area around the size of a quarter, you can get an idea of whether or not your skin may react and what the sensation of using the cream is like.

If you don’t see any type of reaction after 30 or 40 min you can continue use of the topical cream throughout the full breast area.

Through the use of these natural ingredients it has been proven safe for men to use with hardly any type of side effects through regular use. Recommended doses involved just a quick application every morning and in most cases the medication should be used over four months to see maximum results. In a variety of reviews and reports almost every user of Gynexol suggested that there was absolutely zero side effects that they experienced other than a direct improvement in their gynecomastia symptoms.

Through a fully natural system of ingredients you can enjoy far less side effects here than you would on any other type of gynecomastia medication on the market today.

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