Newt Gingrich Interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan: The Second Amendment – 1/24/13

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  • Meredith DePercy Moreland

    Piers likes to hear himself talk. Reason doesn’t penetrate. Keep it up Newt… You can be my President any day. This English man, Mr. Morgan doesn’t get how we won our Independence… across the pond still claim they “let us go”.

  • Daughn

    Sandy Hook shooting was pistols. He left the Bushmaster in the trunk.

  • Terri Bordelon

    What an idiot! Piers Morgan we will ” PERMIT” you to go back to Englad and leave American the hell alone! We dont need you telling is anything about our laws. Idiots like you want to take away semi automatic weapons from the law abiding innocent Americans so the gangsters and other criminals can pick us off at their will. Just keep your stupid mouth closed And pack up and go back to where ever you came from!

    Take your pal Dianne with you

  • majorwrecks

    This stiff ass Brit doesn’t have a clue. he only has guests on his program so he can verbally assault them and asks them a questions just to interrupt their answers because he doesn’t want to hear the truth.