23 thoughts on “NRA President David Keene Responds To State Of The Union Address – 2/12/13

  1. finally , some truth in reporting ! handguns are the most widely used gun of choice by 72% . the man is using fbi statitics ! i know some people don`t wanna hear the truth , but it is what it is . you cannot implement hysteria law making and expect it to make a REAL and profound difference . just because something looks bad doesn`t mean its so . if we all thought that way we would ban fat people from fast food restaurants . how many people are killingn their own kids slowly by feeding them to death because they themselves are too damn lazy to even cook them a decent meal or buy a decent balanced meal . so , whats next? banning assault hamburgers ? true assault weapons have been banned since 1934 ( fully auto weapons ) . it does not stop criminals , they do not obey the law . and the FACT is , under the 2nd amendment you cannot punish and illegaly disarm law abiding people from having guns . go look at the facts of the bans in england and austrailia and see the FACTS on their rise in crime . their are FACTS that support it is worse to disarm a country more than not . no matter what group thinks otherwise . people , are killing pople , not guns . if ALL GUNS were banned from law abiding citizens tommorrow , it would make the situation a lot worse . and no i am not a current member of the nra , and not ted nugents little brother either . sensible use of the existing laws we have is the ONLY answer . period ! it is very simple , we cannot aloow the psyc patients records to no longer stay secret , and our country needs to put teeth in the laws we do have instead of letting them out of jail , which they do…..daily !

    • I agree totally – in 2006 I called the state police and told them my husband was threatening my life and was a danger to him and everyone around him, he was a drug addict, suicidal, depressed – their suggestion to me was move out of the house I lived in, which I could not afford, after my insisting the officer went to talk to him and he called me back and said “yes he said he was depressed, yes he said he was suicidal, yes he said he used drugs, but we can not take away a mans right to bare arms.” I was living in the basement of our home because I feared for my life, he had raped me and put blood pressure meds in coffee that he intended for me but my brother drank it when I was not there and It nearly caused his death and he still has heart problems today from this. In 2007 it came to my attention that he had molested my/our 5 year old grandson. I threw him out of the house and started divorce proceedings. The day were supposed to be in court I got a call at the court house from the state police telling me that he had shot and killed himself at our business apartment. When I arrived it was the same officer there that told me that HE CAN NOT TAKE AWAY A MANS RIGHT TO BARE ARMS that asked me if I wanted possession of the gun he had killed himself with. My comment to him was “NO, I don’t want it now and did not want him to have it when I ask you to go take it away from him” When my 4 children and I were discussing the funeral arrangements at my home his ignorant secretary came, sat down at my dinning room table and proceeded to tell me and my 4 children that 2 weeks prior my husbands doctor recommended that he be committed in the mental institution and she talked him out of it. WOW I had some choice words for her! POINT BEING: The officer taking the gun away would not have stopped him from getting another one but he could have made a report and possibly recommended he get help. The doctor could have insisted on him being committed right there or called me and had me do it. I now am with an avid hunter and I am an avid hunter – we own lots of guns! None of them (the guns) have ever gone on a rage and killed anyone. Insane and criminal people get their hands on guns illegally and will continue to. NOT US LAW ABIDING PEOPLE. It is up to the law enforcement and medical people to do their job enforcing this instead of just overlooking it. People that go on a rampage don’t go to get a gun and say “I’m going to use it to kill a lot of people” They buy them illegally or steal them. We the honest people should not have to go through all this just to be able to hunt. This is the sort of action that drives people to do things illegal. And no I’m not a member of the NRA or related to Ted Nugent. Although I don’t have a problem with them either. I’m just a 60 year old woman that loves to hunt and do not want to get the fifth degree every time I need bullets – and don’t want to have to pay double for them either. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE – PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE -One could kill someone with a Bow – experience with the bow tells me that it would be quite quick as with a deer but that doesn’t mean bows kill people!!! The government UGH!!!!

  2. Obama is a socialist and he uses emotions; he doesn’t have anything else. He hides behind children and his message is ‘vote for my idea or you don’t like children’. You don’t dislike children do you? This is pathetic and truly reprehensible yet it is the approach Obama utilizes. We saw the same thing with Obama care… Obama paraded a group of individuals out in front of the country who were supposedly ‘doctors’ in support of this program. This was a lie. He got his legislation and today Obama care is far more expensive than it was supposed to have been. Today millions of Americans are losing their medical care altogether. He loves to use children and liberal shills, including the news media, to attempt to sway public opinion.

  3. God help us all. The US is becoming Nazi Germany. Look at their history and compare what we are seeing at home. I won’t be brain washed like too many others who rely on CNN, FOX, MSNBC news. These outlets are helping spread the lies. These polls are ALL BULLSHIT! WAKE THE HELL UP!!

  4. America defeated communism in the cold war. Now America is being defeated internally by socialism thru progressive liberalism. Obama’s policies are based on emotion, in the end reality will prove how America was fooled by him. Guns, energy, minimum wage, etc.

  5. The real enemy to our liberties is the left stream media. They continue to corrupt public opinion with their biased reporting.
    Until We the People do something about this bias, We the People will remain duped by the Left Stream Media.


  6. Most of the public is seeing through the liberal media. Total horsehit Wolf…go have lunch with Piers Morgan and both of you get out of our country.

  7. Liberal media and feminist America… Quit feminizing every issue! Looking at today’s “boys” growing up with girl pants, platform shoes, beanie hats, and weigh less than the girls in their class..sickening! What happened to the man?

  8. We the People deserve a vote of Impeachment for this lying bs pushing no good, anti american pos…..otherwise called obama…..

  9. gun laws dont stop nut jobs. they dont stop criminal either. when they get ALL illegal guns off the streets, i will turn in my ar15. until that happens, leave me alone. MOLON LABE

  10. How dare these smug politicians dictate what we need it’s not about need “By any means possible to any degree necessary to take out the threat”. “They need to give up all there secret service and body guard” take that.

  11. US Constitution 2nd amendment “shall not be infringed.” What is it that these politicians do not understand about that? I propose a new bill any idiot politican who submits legislation that denies or restricts the 2nd amendment should be charged with a Class A Felony, including Obama !

    HONG KONG YAhoo murderer.

    The computer technology that they developed can really kill people for
    nothing..It is very difficult for me to convience everybody with this
    kind of story. Beleive me, once u are
    chosen than only u understand better. It is very hard to explain but I
    make it simple as I can. When they started to control u as if like
    someone is inside u.
    The virus that they developed also can make
    cancer cells growth very fast and kill cancer patient so much earlier
    than what they should go..esp people who can challenged their
    skills…hong kong was being attacked by SARS and H1N1 that was actually
    due to virus that they developed..They also attacked computer genious
    especially those who take drugs as part of their habbit..bad habbit but
    it is unfair for them in this case..
    Microsoft people are murderer
    and hackers…trying to control people through their software
    technology…they are developing a kind of virus to kill human being
    spread through the computer screen rays and electric ion and eventually
    combined with electromagnetic to become very stable in the air to kill

    • Hi everybody….Just want to share something about
    Malaysian ISA with u guys out there..As we all know, ISA acting as
    preventive measure for any case or situation that can lead to destroy
    living harmony in our beloved country..Persatuan Peguam Malaysia really
    fight to terminate use of this act on the basis of freedom of speech or
    whatever freedom they like to have. Probably they don’t have any.
    urged Malaysian Policemen to pay more attention on Internet culprits as
    they can do something bad to our country through the software and
    computer technology. They really can control people’s mind through it
    and eventually creates a bad image of Malaysian police too.
    Microsoft murderer YAHUDI 用科技玩人民和杀死明福,要玩Malaysia, ISA和警察,网上官员用科技玩人民和用声音,弄神弄鬼。

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