2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett “Ask the Governor”: “Election Analysis” – 11/8/12

  1. I watched the election on web site. Pennsylvania being swing state, as I cecked the county by county results most all state voted for Romney some as high 80% just a few Obama counties. went to checking these, still couldn’t find numbers to support Obama win. Then by chance clicked on small speck (Philadelphia) 450,000 more votes for Obama than Romney. It was late went to bed. Next day called trucker that hauled hay for me to Okla.last year. Ask him Philadelphia, tell me about it peaple live there, work, industry general things. Well lets just say he didn’t discribe the city of brotherly love as I learned in school. He did say he voted for Obama cause he didn’t trust Romney. Asked if he hauled anything into Philadelphia told me you don’t go there its not safe. I wondering why the rest of the state votes. Seams like Philadelphia should become a state of its own, and let the rest of the state have an election were votes would indicate there was a race check voter fraud sites. How can the rest of in the nation help you Philly dominated peaple out maybe a Philly become the 51st state petition. then they can stand on there own and not dominate rest of state. The trucker was from Maine he didn’t tell me about the change Maine adopted in there electoral votes hope you peaple can get something done.

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