One thought on “President Obama and Hillary Clinton Interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes (1/2) – 1/27/13

  1. Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. Interviewed by a known liberal host. A platform for the president to launch Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in thanks to Bill Clinton’s support in his run against Mitt Romney. Oh. What? You think it wasn’t the payback for the deal the two planned from the start? Sorry folks, but if you didn’t see that, you are not paying attention. This “transparent” president is as transparent as a cement wall. The president’s first term was a dismal failure but one would have thought it was a huge success if you only listened to the main stream liberally biased media, and Hillary leaves the office of Secretary of State with many unsuccessful issues including Benghazi. The problem is that many Americans don’t care as long as their idols get elected. It’s a popularity contest with America as the prize. The result is an America that we no longer recognize and are in danger of losing.

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