14 thoughts on “Senator Dianne Feinstein Interview on CBS’ Face the Nation: Ban on Assault Weapons – 1/27/13

  1. Really a calapsible stock makes it Full auto. WTF you do not know anything. She is an idiot who has no clue what she is talking about, and using False information to scare people into following her in her dillusions

  2. Why are police breaking into gun stores?!? The police in my area all have AR15s in their squad cars. By her twisted logic the AR15’s only purpose is to mow down and kill as many people as possible. Why would a policeman need that?!?

    • She is referring to an incident that happened in Cali (LA) like 20 years ago before they carried AR’s Again old and not really correct info

  3. Thank god the gun stores those police officers broke into had those weapons and ammo in stock. Could you imagine the outcome if it wasn’t. Oh wait that’s what you trying to do. I’m sure those nice criminals are going to say, to the black market personnel, I’m sorry we can’t buy this its banned. Then where does that leave those officers who came underprepared? JS

  4. I really wonder where she gets her stats – It sure isn’t the FBI. Table 39 of the Uniform Crime Report states that there were 57 officers killed by gun while wearing body armor in 2011. 5 were killed by rifle. 2 by .223, 2 by 7.62×39 (AK or SKS round) and 1 by .308. Even if we assume that both .223 deaths were from an AR (not the only platform that uses the round), both 7.62×39 were from AKs and the .308 cam from a FAL – you still have less than 1 in 11. I call bull.

  5. You can’t pass laws because you “think so”. Our bill of rights is there to protect us from your ignorant “feel good” laws. News flash! Murder is illegal….do you think…for one second, that a criminal will NOT use the firearm of his/her choosing to commit a crime/murder? wow.. And yes we need “assault weapons” you quack. We the people must ALWAYS bear arms as a detterent to a corrupt government and from outside “would be” invaders. It’s a simple case of “checks and balances” and there is nothing you can do about it! The 2a was written by our founding fathers to stop a future threat of a tyrannical government. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HUNTING!
    I own 20 firearms and 11 silencers and each one is 100% legal. Yet my firearms have killed nobody! Idiots!

  6. i couldn’t even finish watching this..this bitch is soo ignorant!! 1st of all the killer at Sandy hook used 2-4 handguns, not an AR-15, the police and media have already proven this..so please quit saying that the AR 15 killed those people. 2nd, you can not convert an ar-15 to full auto just adding a slide,the AR 15 doesn’t have a slide like a hand gun, it has a bolt. to convert it ,you have to alter or replace the trigger assembly….i can go on and on..Feinstein is a very ignorant person,and she doesn’t know shit about weapons!!!

    • The slide fire is a real thing – it’s a stock with a trigger finger rest that uses the recoil impulse as a way to pull the trigger quicker – it’s still one shot per pull of the trigger though. I’m more concerned about the statistical lies such as the typical gang banger carrying around AKs and the number of cops killed by “assault weapons”. There were 5 cops in body armor killed in 2011 by any rifle round. Even if we assume all of those were modern sporting rifles, considering that there were 57 cops (again wearing body armor) killed that year, obviously it’s not 1 in 5 – it’s less than 1 in 11.

      • i wasn’t aware of these “slides” since I’ve been away in the military for the last 8 years. I own weapons and as a good law biding citizen i don’t alter the way the weapon operates..but she is still very ignorant. she needs an interview with a reporter who is knowledgeable and will challenge and humiliate her on national tv

        • Nor do I – The AR is an inherently accurate platform and I see no need to throw that out the window with that piece of junk. And I agree that she is completely ignorant of the way any of this works and needs to be challenged about it.

  7. It’s interesting how she PLURALIZES situations that have only happened once, ie. the Police grabbing rifles from a local gun shop for the North Hollywood shootout.

    Also, SlideFire is a genius design, for the shooter who wants to experience a SIMULATED auto fire. I highly doubt it will ever be used in a crime–too much to concentrate on.

    She talks about “legal this” and “law abiding that”…when was the last time legal and law-abiding was involved in a crime?

    One last thing, ANY firearm used in a crime is then be called illegal, confiscated, criminal, even though we can legally own them, (since we don’t commit crimes with them.)
    Really bizarre how everything gets twisted around.

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