4 thoughts on “Senator Lindsey Graham Floor Speech: “Pathetic Leadership” by Obama, “Low Point in My Time” in Congress – 2/28/13

  1. Graham has sold out everybody.

    Graham sold out the citizens of South Carolina by legalizing 11,000,000 known criminals.

    Graham sold out the citizens of the United States with his “GRAHAM BELLY UP FINANCIAL SCAM” to declare bankruptcy in the US. Graham told Americans that we’ve borrowed over $16 Trillion Dollars from mainly our enemies. When Graham knows full well there are only $9.2 Trillion Dollars printed and circulating in the entire world. This is all GRAHAM FUNNY MONEY and worthless paper from foreign banks.

    Graham told Americans we’ve borrowed over $6 Trillion from China of the GRAHAM FUNNY MONEY, when there are only $9.2 Trillion US Dollars circulating and printed in the entire world. Again China is great at handing out worthless paper instead of money and Graham lies to us and tells us it’s real.

    If you want to see the absurdity of Graham’s lies then look at what Graham Claims is our National Debt. A stack or 100 of the “one dollar bills” measures 1/2 inch thick. If you were to stack $16 Trillion of them flat, one on top of another, they would reach all the way to the moon and back.

    Graham sold out our military by funding known enemies to the United States. Graham has funded Egypt after Egypt declared war on Americans. Graham funded Libya after Libya declared war on American citizens. Graham funded Palestine after Palestine declared war on Americans. Graham funded Iraq after Iraq was overthrown and then Iraq declared war on Americans. Graham funded Afghanistan after Afghanistan was overthrown and then declared war on Americans.

    Iran, like the 56 other members of the Organization of Islamic
    Cooperation, have all declared war on American Citizens. Graham is guilty of Treason by funding these declared enemies of the United States. Graham is the one that went to Egypt and came back and lied to the American People that the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow of Countries in the Arab Spring movement was all about democracy when the Arab Spring Riots were about creating more enemy countries to the United States funded by Graham.

    Graham sold out the Gun Rights activists with his new mental illness law to prevent gun ownership by ANY American. “Janet Insane Napolitano” has declared all gun owners, and returning vets, mentally incompetent and says we should not be allowed
    to own a gun. Then Graham and Nepolitano sell guns to Mexican
    Terrorists, Mexican Drug Dealers, Al Qaeda in Benghazi and then want to disarm Americans.

    IT’S HITLER ALL OVER AGAIN WITH GRAHAM AND NEPOLITANO. Give up your guns, give up your property, and step on board the box car, in route for the nearest concentration camp.

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